Terms & Conditions



  1. Advertisers agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions set out on

  2. In advertising in Pittwater Life magazine, Advertisers are entering into a contract with Word Count Media Pty Ltd (known as the Publisher). 

  3. Receipt of finished artwork / advertising material, email, text or letter confirming a booking constitutes an advertisement booking; as such the terms and conditions outlined on the website apply.

  4. Editorial-style advertisements must be distinguishable as advertising, with the word ‘Advertisement’ clearly legible at the top of the ad.

Invoicing & Payments

  1. The terms for invoices are strictly 21 days from the date on the invoice. 

  2. Advertisers who do not pay within 21 days from the date on the invoice will forfeit any frequency discount that may be applicable and the invoice will be reissued at full applicable advertising rate (for size of ad).

  3. Advertisers may pay by credit card or electronic transfer of funds. 

Cancellation Of Advertising

  1. Cancellation must be received in writing or by email by the relevant month’s booking deadline. Cancellation will not be accepted after the booking deadline.

  2. Advertisers who cancel a booking before the booking deadline will not be charged for their booked advertisement, nor any future ad bookings that they may cancel.

  3. Advertisers who cancel an advertising schedule before the schedule is completed will have the invoices for any ads published and paid for from that schedule adjusted to reflect the discount for the number of ads published.

Artwork / Setting / Specifications / Positioning

  1. Artwork material deadlines can be found on page 4 of each issue of the magazine or at
  2. The Publisher can design and typeset ads according to the booked space; this attracts a setting fee for the first insertion. Minor changes for successive insertions are made without additional charge. However, a complete remake of the advertisement may incur another setting fee. There is no setting charge for ads submitted in acceptable format as finished art. 
  3. ‘Setting’ the ad includes design, layout, typesetting and incorporation of logos and illustrations. Rates for this service are dependent on size of ad; rates are included on the rates sheet on the website.
  4. Advertisers who require their ads to be designed are emailed proofs of their advertisements to be checked and any corrections and approval noted. The Publisher will make all attempts to gain approval for any corrections to proofs but will run the ad as set if final approval is not received by the printing deadline.
  5. The Publisher does not accept responsibility for errors in finished artwork provided.
  6. Advertisers accept that minor variations may occur in colour in printing.
  7. Print-ready artwork should be a high-resolution PDF (min 300 dpi) set in CMYK.
  8. The Publisher will not accept artwork created in Power Point, Microsoft Word or Publisher. The Advertiser will be charged the cost of converting artwork supplied in these formats.
  9. Bleed applies only to full-page ads. 
  10. Advertising specifications, plus booking and submission deadlines can be found at
  11. Unless loading is paid (right-hand pages and premium positions) the Publisher will place advertisements in the most appropriate position in the magazine, including relevant editorial sections.


  1. Advertisers who require advertisements to be designed and set are provided with proofs of their advertisements as PDFs by email. These settings are copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without the Publisher’s permission.