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Nigel Wall

Nigel is a journalist, editor and publisher with 35 years’ experience working across newspapers, magazines and online. 

A former Editor-in-Chief of Eastern Suburbs Newspapers (Wentworth Courier), Nigel was also Executive Editor at Horwitz Publications. He joined News Magazines in 2005, helping launch ALPHA magazine before relaunching Big League magazine for the NRL. He turned his focus to online in 2013, becoming the first Editor of NRL Digital Media. However, Nigel's career in journalism almost ended before it began: As an 18-year-old copy boy Nigel accidentally spilled an armful of Daily Mirror newspapers onto the floor of Rupert Murdoch’s office while the mogul was chairing a meeting. In 2014, Nigel and Lisa jumped at the chance to operate their own local media business. They pinch themselves every day.



Lisa Offord

Lisa has an aversion to writing about herself – she prefers other people’s stories. Which is just as well because she’s quite boring really.

Lisa has worked in the media for more than 30 years at News Limited Sydney, national newspapers in London (on Fleet Street when Fleet Street was Fleet Street), Australian consumer magazines, specialist medical publications and behind the scenes in TV and public relations. Along the way she’s been asked to infiltrate the inner circle of the Royal Family and she helped launch reality TV in Australia via the innovative RPA program in the '90s. Lisa and Nigel are the equally proudest parents on the planet, with two young adults who are well on their way in the world… which explains why they now put all their energy into their new ‘baby’ Pittwater Life.


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